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360 & Coaching


We do online 360 feedback

 Our clients use online 360 feedback in a variety of ways


  • As part of a talent or leadership development programme
  • In one to one coaching programmes
  • In performance management and appraisal processes


P360 is Smithfield's online 360 feedback system.  It provides a robust and secure mechanism for collecting performance data.  The key features are:

  • Web-enabled, online and runs 24/7 across the globe
  • User friendly and simple to use
  • Provides online reporting which can be switched on or off, and reports can be sent automatically to a client administrator, to HR business partner, or to a feedback coach
  • All processes are maintained on dedicated Smithfield servers

Question Sets

We will programme your question set into our system so that your people will use your feedback model.  If you don't have a question set or a leadership model we can help you with this.  We have extensive experience of helping clients to construct leadership, performance, and competency models.

If you do not wish to upscale your project in this way, or if speed is of the essence, you can use our question sets which have been well designed and validated and used by some of our existing clients.

360 Feedback Service

We can provide a P360 feedback service.  Many businesses  prefer to have an external professional to deliver the performance feedback for them. We also do performance management training, designing and testing 360 question sets, and competency development.

Our Coaching Service

Our team of consultants are experienced business psychologists.  We see feedback and coaching as a hugely important way of accelerating performance and one of the best ways to build leadership credibility and stature.  We have built a high quality coaching pedigree over the years and can help you with Executive Coaching, Career Transitions and Outplacement, and Resilience Coaching.

360 feedback, Coaching
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