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Resilience Profiling


Smithfield Resilience Assessment

This is a measure of  personal resilience.  The authors of the assessment are Dr. Joe Jordan of Smithfield Performance, and Professor Sue Cartwright from Lancaster Business School.  The purpose of the assessment is to provide an idea of current level of resilience.


Resilience has a strong link to performance.  People with high levels of resilience perform well under long term pressure situations. We help our clients to build resilience of individuals in their business, as well as whole teams.


The Smithfield Resilience Factors

  • Resilient Thinking
  • Resilient Behaviours
  • Work Engagement
  • Rest & Recovery 
  • Healthy Lifestyle



The Resilience Assessment is online, working 24/7 and can be delivered anywhere on the globe.  It can be used with individuals providing an individual report, with teams, providing a team report, or with whole organisations, providing team, departmental and whole company reporting.



It is benchmarked against the general working population and the profile is presented in percentile format. The Smithfield Resilience Assessment Report includes hyperlinks into the Smithfield Resource Centre.


Team Resilience

How resilient is your team in dealing with crises?  We help our clients to build team resilience.  We offer line managers and team members the opportunity to improve the way the team handles pressure, improve the quality of team support during peak demand, and build team optimism – a key resilience building technique.


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